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OS Installs

Full Node VPS Setup

This guide provides installation instructions for a Bcoin full node running on a Digital Ocean of Amazon AWS Virtual Private Server.

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Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps

Using the bcoin and bcash libraries, execute a swap of coins between two users on two chains. Create a Hash Time-Locked Contract to perform the swap securely.

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Intro to Scripting

Scripts are array-like objects with some helper functions. Learn the basics here.

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Generate an Address

Follow along with the steps to build a transaction from scratch using built-in bcoin utilities. These steps are based on those outlined in the Bitcoin Wiki.

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Events and Sockets

A list of all emitted events throughout the bcoin library. Which functions call them, what data they return, which objects catch and re-emit them, and which events are available over websocket connection.

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Create a Crowdfunding Transaction

Learn how SIGHASH flags work in Bitcoin by building out a custom crowdfunding transaction that lets anyone add their own inputs to a transaction with a fixed output.

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Time Locked Bitcoin Transactions w/ CLTV

Learn how to make and redeem a time locked transaction using Bitcoin scripts with bcoin. In this guide, we will have a function that creates a script that locks a UTXO for a predetermined amount of time as well as separately learn how to sign these types of special inputs.

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Run a bcoin full node in a web browser

The bcoin JavaScript library can be easily formatted to run in a web browser like Chrome. Using a proxy server, we can connect the web client to the actual live Bitcoin network.

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Beginners Guide to Getting Started

An introduction to bcoin along with the requirements and installation instructions. Learn to setup your first node, setup your API key and use TOR. This is the best place to start.

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Make your own Bcoin Block Clock!

Learn how to install bcoin on a brand-new Raspberry Pi Zero W, or other linux system. Create scripts to interact with bcoin in SPV mode and then output a fun, network status display and interface. In Part II, we'll add some external hardware to make your own stand-alone Bcoin Block Clock and Piggy Bank!

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